A webcam

This is my webcam. There are many like it, but this one is mine…

The view should be of the park across the road from where I live. Option 2 is that the cam has reset itself and is dozily pointing upwards.

Hardware setup

The camera itself is the amazing, albeit blandly titled, Storage Options IP Camera

This one of the first IP Cameras to retail (well) below the £100 price point and is packed with features not found on some much more expensive ones.

I believe this camera is actually a rebadged “Foscam” before that brand made it over to the UK and so is functionally compatible with a bunch of IPCam software out there and hacking guides.

The coolest thing for hackers is the rather conspicuous bright green GPIO port on the back of the cam (labeled “I/O Alarm”) that can both accept input to trigger the capture of an image and if motion is detected, fire an output.